lecturer_46Research in our lab focuses on the cross talks between all stages of gene expression. We therefore study transcription, mRNA export, translation and decay.  We focus on unraveling the mechanisms that integrate all these stages into a system, using “classical” molecular biology, whole cell and bioinformatic approaches.


In recent years, studies of single genes have evolved into analyses of network of genes to obtain a whole-genome view. We have initiated an analogous zooming out on molecular processes, thus shifting gene expression from studies of distinct processes (e.g., transcription, translation) to investigating how all these processes are interconnected and integrated in a manner that enables the cell to function as a system.  We have proposed novel concepts, mRNA coordinators, mRNA imprinting, and synthegradases, that helped us obtain a “bird eye” view. Hence, our work has opened a new avenue in the field of gene expression, which we term “processomics”: focusing on the cross-talk between all distinct processes.

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